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Italian lessons with experienced teacher and native Italian speaker

Ciao, mi chiamo Antonio Lucicesare e tu? I am a native Italian speaker and an awarded teacher who has taught Italian for more than 18 years, including at the Italian Cultural Institute in London and King's College, University of London, London Business School, Regent’s College, University of Greenwich. I have experience designing individual and group lessons and exams for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. I have also run workshops on learning Italian through film and presented teachers’ training workshops on technology in class.

Parliamo Italiano?

Have you thought about learning Italian online?

Online learning offers you the opportunity to:
Learn at a time and location that works for you. You can schedule your lessons at any time and any place that suits you, so long as you have an internet connection. No need to spend any more time on public transport travelling to your class each week!

Speak one on one with a native Italian teacher who can help you to improve your speaking, understanding, writing and reading in Italian.

Work on a personalised lesson plan where you can decide the topics you want to study and shape the way you want to learn. This might include discussing articles from Italian newspapers, videos, songs, or extracts from films or novels. Set your own learning goals. You might need to prepare for an exam, or a job interview or a wedding 

Receive instant feedback from your teacher. Online learning allows you and your teacher to work from shared documents, for you to benefit from instant feedback on your work and a list of relevant vocabulary at the end of every lesson, and to receive a recap of what you’ve learned each week in your email box.  


Why don’t you book your trial online lesson today!





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